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10 Romantic Gestures

Melissa Gosselin

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you are all having a great week post Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t get a chance to celebrate this year, this blog post might be especially helpful! Today, I’m reviewing 10 ways you can surprise your partner, not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year round! I asked around for this, and some of these examples are from my own life, so I hope you’ll find this helpful. 

Here it goes! 

1. Buy them flowers . . . just because

I never thought I was a flower person, but my boyfriend started buying me orchids every so often. What I especially love about orchids is that they seem to last forever, and they’ll sometimes bloom a second time. They add color and life to my space, they remind me that I’m loved — what more can I ask for? 

2. A surprise home improvement project

Taking the time to renovate a shared space shows that you listen . . . that you’re excited to build a future together. Whether it’s building that garden the two of you have been talking about, painting the walls or staining the deck, I’m sure your partner will appreciate it. 

3. Make a time capsule

This is an example from a friend of mine. At his wedding, instead of having people sign a guest book, he had his friends and family write letters for him and his wife to read on their silver anniversary (25th wedding anniversary). And it doesn’t have to be your wedding for you to create a time capsule; you and your partner can create one together — fill it with letters to your future selves, polaroids and mementos, and then decide on a time to open it.  

4. A key to a future home 

I absolutely love this idea! I had a friend who gave their partner a key  and the idea was that the key would someday unlock the door of their dream home. What a great way to co-visualize, to dream together as a couple.

5. Have dinner in the dark

. . . or just try something new! In my city, there’s a restaurant called O.Noir, where the serving staff is visually impaired and you eat your entire meal in the dark (the idea is to connect to your other senses). I’m sure there are plenty of new experiences in your city for you to discover. 

6. Private trapeze classes 

This is another example from a friend of mine. How romantic is it when you’re able to push your partner out of their comfort zone? There are so many experiences to choose from — a salsa class, the singing lessons they’ve always wanted, a membership to a rock climbing gym, time in a recording studio . . . the possibilities are endless! 

7. Surprise them with their favorite dinner in the middle of the week

When I was asking around, I found that many of the best surprises were the simplest ones. Surprising your partner with their favorite dinner after a hard day is a great way to make them feel nurtured and loved. 

8. Surprise them with that book they’ve been talking about or with that shirt they’ve been eyeing 

Sometimes a little gift for no occasion in particular is the best emotional investment you can make. My boyfriend has surprised me with my favorite candy and an encouraging note, with books, with jewelry — it always makes me feel special!

9. A choreographed dance  

I actually witnessed someone do this for their partner and it was so sweet. The song “Cheerleader” by OMI was really big at the time, so he secretly worked on the choreography with his girlfriend’s younger siblings and then presented the dance during a family gathering. So cute! 

10. Surprise them with their family

Nowadays, many of us don’t live as close to our families as we would like to. We might see them once a year at big events, but we often end up missing smaller milestones. One time, my boyfriend coordinated with my mom to have flowers sent to me on my birthday, while I was living in Colombia. Even just the thought of him communicating with my mom secretly made me emotional! I also know a guy who flew his wife’s family out to Germany to surprise her. Showing your partner that you value their family as much as they do is sure to bring you closer together. 


So there you have it — 10 ways to surprise your partner this year! Did you find this helpful? What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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