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Best Christmas Gift Stories

Melissa Gosselin

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s that time again— the time when we start shopping for Christmas gifts. At least, it is if you’re like me— a little anxious about gift giving. I’m so easily overwhelmed with options, immobilized by the fear of getting someone a gift they’ll never use.  But (and this relates back to my World Kindness Day post last week) sometimes it’s just best to ask yourself, What’s the best gift I’VE ever received? WHY was it special? and then go from there. It’s also nice to reflect on these questions with your loved ones because you can learn so much about who they are. 

Today, I thought I’d explore my experiences with gift giving over the years. My hope is that you might take away some ideas, or recall some special Christmas memories of your own. 

There’s something special about childhood Christmas memories. One of my favourite stories is about a gift my dad received as a kid. Santa got him a Popeye punching bag— the ultimate gift because Popeye was Dad’s favourite show, and Dad was also obsessed with boxing. He inflated the bag almost immediately, then wound up to take his first punch— but when he hit it, the bag touched the radiator (which was at the centre of the room) and it popped. Little Dad was obviously pretty distraught— the best toy he’d ever had almost immediately broke, and he never got another one. My mom’s heart ached for him she never forgot this story. She spent years looking for a Popeye punching bag, meandering through antique shops. When eBay came along, she finally found the exact one, and she gave it to my dad for Christmas. 35 years after the radiator incident, Dad finally has his toy.

The best gift I ever received was also in childhood. I’d seen a commercial on TV for a GirlTech Password Journal, and— similar to my dad’s Popeye— it was a material object I felt completely represented who I was at the time: The toy was both a journal and a treasure box, and it only opened with your voice and the password. I had all these ideas I wanted to write down and keep safe... I had magical rocks, seashells and trinkets that I felt needed a home. On Christmas Eve, I tossed and turned in anticipation— dreaming of all the things I’d do if I got the journal. I’d asked Santa, but there were no guarantees— as my parents were always sure to remind me. I was also told Santa didn’t wrap— that he just put the gifts under the tree so they'd be distinctive from the ones from our friends and family. The details are a little fuzzy now— I don’t remember if the gift was wrapped or not. But I do know I was eventually told that the journal wasn’t from Santa, that it was from my dad and that he’d gone out of his way to find it. Those journals weren’t in any store in the small city of Sudbury, so my dad had to wade through a sea of people in a toy store while he was on a business trip in Calgary. The fact that he knew how important the journal was, the fact that he went on a mission to find it meant so much.  

My brother also got me an amazing gift one year. He knew I loved to read— that I especially loved to read other people’s favourite books because, in reading them, I gained a more in-depth understanding of my friends and family. So for Christmas, he got me a novel he loved and, on the inside, he wrote a note along with his favourite quotes. I absolutely loved it! 

My feeling is that the best gifts are sentimental— the ones that say: “I remember what you tell me” and “I treasure your stories”. The biggest reaction I ever got from a gift was the year I made a Travel Box for my friend, who was going to be studying abroad. I got her all the things I imagined she’d need: an assortment of travel snacks, travel-sized bottles and bags, a note wishing her luck. I didn’t spend a fortune, but my friend’s reaction was priceless. She said it was the most thoughtful gift she’d ever received. 

My conclusion is that the gifts that show attention to detail, gifts that show you listen and that you care are the best ones. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Do you have any cherished Christmas stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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