My Constant Companion

My Constant Companion

Melissa Gosselin

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Can you believe we’re halfway through January? If you live in a colder climate like I do, this time of year can seem kind of bleak. (Unless you like winter sports of course—if that’s the case, you’re probably thriving!)

This week, I wanted to highlight an aspect of my life that brings me so much joy—my dogs! I’ve been staying with my dad, and between the two of us we have three of them. My dog is a female, white poodle named Carlota, and it’s been so nice because, since I started working from home, I’ve been spending so much more time with her. She follows me around, sleeps near me while I work, begs under the table for scraps at lunch. I can’t help but think how empty my life would be without Carlota’s little skip and a jump out of bed and towards the door every morning. Without our little chihuahua Pipp and his snorty, happy approach when I sit on the  couch with my coffee; without him burrowing into the crook of my arm  once I’m settled. Without our terrier, Muggs (Baby Muggs), who is scared of his own shadow, and who walks around with a ball in his mouth hoping someone will play with him. 

So what is it exactly that pets bring to a home? 

For one thing, they bring routine. My boyfriend and I are doing long distance, and there was a time when Carlota was staying with him. He was living alone, working from home, and he structured his day around Carlota. She was often the reason he went outside for fresh air, the reason for his sanity-saving chats with the doormen of his apartment building. She followed him around everywhere and her constant companionship brought him so much comfort. 

I think pets also bring a sense of presence. I’ll often get caught up in thinking– either about daily tasks or about existential questions. Sometimes it’s nice just to sit and watch our three dogs interact, to observe the idiosyncrasies of each, to observe their routines and let my mind go blank. Like the way Little Pipp has to poop in two trips: he’ll ask to go out, then do his business, come back in, take a lap and go out again. Or how Muggs is content chewing his ball for a little while, but if no one tries to take it from him he gets bored. How Carlota likes to be in control of the environment; when the dogs get too rowdy she asserts her authority, barks until everything has calmed down.  

Ultimately, I think dogs bring life and fun to my home (and home office). They’ve really made these winter months more pleasant, especially since I’m not outside as much. Do you have pets? How do they enrich your life? Let me know in the comments below! 

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