ButterTree Premium Cocktail Smoker

David Lang

Elevate Your Cocktail Game with Our Cocktail Smoker Kit

Create a Smoky Old Fashioned Whiskey or Any Cocktail in Just 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Fuel Up the Torch

First things first - add butane to the torch using the valve at the bottom. Make sure it's full and ready to ignite your cocktail adventure.

 Step 2: Fit the Ceramic Over Your Glass

Place the ceramic over your whiskey or cocktail glass. It should fit snugly to ensure no smoke escapes during the process.

Step 3: Flavor Time

Choose your desired flavor from our selection of premium wood chips. Pour two spoonfuls of wood chips into the ceramic mesh cup.

Step 4: Ignite the Flavor

Using the torch, burn the wood chips for 10 seconds until smoke starts to form. Allow the smoke to fill the glass, then close the lid to lock in the flavors.

Step 5: Let the Magic Happen

Wait for 30 seconds to let the smoke infuse your drink with the rich, smoky flavor of your chosen wood. Afterward, carefully remove the ceramic mesh cup from the glass.

Step 6: Clean Up

Once the wood chips have cooled down, dispose of them in the garbage. Use the included cleaner to remove any remains from the ceramic mesh cup.


Step 7: Savor the Smoky Goodness

Your smoked cocktail is now ready to be enjoyed. Cheers to a sophisticated drinking experience like no other!

Try our four different wood chip flavors: apple, cherry, hickory, and oak.



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