No Matter the Distance

No Matter the Distance

Melissa Gosselin

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but I’m feeling energized by the idea of spring arriving soon, by how the sun seems to be casting a warmer light over the trees. I’m also feeling energized by the fact that I've recently reunited with my boyfriend after five months apart. He lives in Colombia, and I relocated to Canada to be closer to my family. So today, I thought I'd explore long-distance relationships — the challenges, the opportunities, and the little things I’ve grown to appreciate.

The absence of in-person time with our loved ones might be something we can all relate to nowadays. My boyfriend and I video chat daily, but it’s difficult not being a part of each other’s routines. We try and offset that by having morning and nightly chats, and we’ve both gotten very good at finding ways to send each other little gifts. We also try to keep each other updated on even the most mundane occurrences — birds in the feeder, bunnies in the yard, what we made for dinner that day and the other small wins of daily life.

I’ve also realized that there are many opportunities in long-distance relationships. Because the only way to connect is through conversation, my boyfriend and I have used that time to get to know each other more deeply. We talk through different emotions. We ask each other questions about our tendencies, our wants and needs. Of course, the flip side to this is that we’ve had to develop better emotional intelligence; bad moods can tend to spiral out of control over the phone. Phrases like “I’m feeling anxious or irritated all of a sudden” and “I think I need to talk through this” are helpful.

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you appreciate the little things: morning kisses on the head and walking hand-in-hand through the grocery store. There’s also the added bonus of my boyfriend seeing a Canadian winter for the first time. I get to experience everything through his eyes — the evergreens with blankets of white and bunny tracks through the snow. I finally get to bring him to gatherings with friends and family, overhear his mealtimes with my dad while I’m working in the other room. I’ve learned that the mundane things mean the most . . . I’ve learned it’s a privilege to do those things with someone you love.

One thing is for sure, the past two years have taught me to never take in-person time for granted. Whether it’s work that calls you to another city . . . whether it’s a family obligation or a loved one in need, we’ll be separated from someone we love at some point. I've appreciated learning how to stay connected — no matter the distance!

How do you enrich your long-distance relationships? Have you recently been reunited with a loved one after spending a long time apart? Let me know in the comments below!

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