One of a Kind: Why Kids Are Amazing / a picture of a happy kid playing with a toy airplane

Why Kids Are Amazing

Melissa Gosselin

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. For this week’s blog, I wanted to talk about why kids are incredible. I worked in a school for eight years, so I had the privilege of working with all sorts of amazing kids. Whether it’s your own child, your niece or your nephew, or the child of a family friend . . . children bring a little magic to daily experiences. 

So here’s a list of why I love kids!

1. They’re honest

I love the way kids point out things an adult might not feel comfortable saying. When I was teaching in Colombia, kids were always the ones to correct the mistakes I was making in Spanish (so I ended up improving my speaking skills much faster). They’ll tell you if you have something on your face, but they’ll also compliment you if they like the jewelry you have on that day. 

2. They’re present

Kids are still absorbing the world around them, and I love experiencing their perspectives. I especially love watching babies experience different textures, reach for different colors . . . how they stare at people’s faces and the way they observe the day-to-day household commotion. 

3. They say the cutest things

My friend’s son recently lost his first tooth. He told his parents he didn’t want to put the tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy . . . he wanted to keep it forever. He wanted to pass his tooth down to his future children, so they could pass it on to theirs. What a sweet sentiment! I love how he saw his baby tooth as a priceless treasure. 

4. They have unique personalities

What I find most amazing about kids is how their personalities are apparent from a very young age. Even babies have different temperaments. Some are more sensitive than others. Some toddlers are cautious while others are eager to explore. Some kids show empathy and compassion early on, others are adventurous and daring from the get-go. 

5. They keep us entertained 

Some kids love to sing and dance, some have stories or funny jokes. Some want to do magic tricks or show off their summersault. Some want to show you their favorite toys, teach you a game, or tell you about a show they love. I believe kids are just mini-adults who want to be seen and appreciated. I once taught a six-year-old who was obsessed with the Titanic. He built a model with his dad out of LEGO, and he couldn’t wait to share all sorts of fun facts with me. We can learn so much from kids if we give them the opportunity to share what they know.


Every kid is different. Some are chatty, some are quiet. Some kids love to climb trees and some kids love to read. Kids remind us of who we used to be. They have different abilities, different gifts to give the world. So this week, let’s celebrate all the beautiful, unique kids we are privileged to know! 

What incredible kids do you have in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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